The results below are the legs won, these do not include the bonus points
Please Note
Several teams have changed their home playing venue, please check the playing venue page.
Division 1
1st Sept 2018Wells41v35WSM
Bath & Bristol49v31RadstockThis match has been rearranged to 8th Sept
49ers35v48Odd Down Green Army
22nd Sept 2018Wells33v45Bath & Bristol
WSMv49ersThis match has been rearranged to 9th Mar
Radstock46v36Odd Down Green ArmyThis match has been rearranged to 29th Sept
20th Oct 2018Bath & Bristol46v29WSM
Odd Down Green Army33v47Wells
10th Nov 2018Wells35v38Radstock
WSM37v45Odd Down Green Army
Bath & Bristol50v3049ers
8th Dec 2018Odd Down Green ArmyvBath & Bristol
49ersvWellsThis match has been rearranged to 15th Dec
12th Jan 20191st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
2nd Feb 2019WSMvWells
RadstockvBath & Bristol
Odd Down Green Armyv49ers
23rd Feb 2019Bath & BristolvWells
Odd Down Green ArmyvRadstock
23rd Mar 2019WSMvBath & Bristol
WellsvOdd Down Green Army
20th Apr 2019RadstockvWells
Odd Down Green ArmyvWSM
49ersvBath & Bristol
11th May 2019Bath & BristolvOdd Down Green Army
Division 2
1st Sept 2018Taunton 6817v52Bridgwater
Yeovil48v35Chew Valley
West Somerset40v39Frome ExilesThis fixture has been reversed Frome Exiles will now be home
22nd Sept 2018Taunton 6828v54YeovilThis fixture has been changed to the 6th Oct it has also been reversed Yeovil will now be home
Bridgwater20v52West SomersetThis match has been rearranged to 29th Sept
Chew Valley42v46Frome ExilesThis match has been rearranged to 6th Oct
20th Oct 2018Yeovil40v35Bridgwater
Frome Exiles50v26Taunton 68
West Somerset51v31Chew Valley
10th Nov 2018Taunton 6839v41Chew Valley
Bridgwater37v42Frome Exiles
Yeovil47v38West Somerset
8th Dec 2018Frome ExilesvYeovil
Chew ValleyvBridgwater
West SomersetvTaunton 68
12th Jan 20191st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
2nd Feb 2019BridgwatervTaunton 68
Chew ValleyvYeovil
Frome ExilesvWest SomersetThis fixture has been reversed West Somerset will now be Home
23rd Feb 2019YeovilvTaunton 68This fixture has been reversed Taunton 68 will now be home
West SomersetvBridgwater
Frome ExilesvChew Valley
23rd Mar 2019BridgwatervYeovil
Taunton 68vFrome Exiles
Chew ValleyvWest Somerset
20th Apr 2019Chew ValleyvTaunton 68
Frome ExilesvBridgwater
West SomersetvYeovil
11th May 2019YeovilvFrome Exiles
BridgwatervChew Valley
Taunton 68vWest Somerset
Division 3
1st Sept 2018Keynsham & Kingswood32v44North Somerset A
Sartan Club (C.T.K)46v34Courage
Fire Birds41v34Team Phoenix
22nd Sept 2018Keynsham & Kingswood48v28Sartan Club (C.T.K)
North Somerset A45v38Fire Birds
Courage42v39Team Phoenix
20th Oct 2018Sartan Club (C.T.K)35v48North Somerset A
Team Phoenix30v48Keynsham & Kingswood
Fire Birds36v47Courage
10th Nov 2018Keynsham & Kingswood28v50Courage
North Somerset A54v29Team Phoenix
Sartan Club (C.T.K)41v34Fire Birds
8th Dec 2018Team PhoenixvSartan Club (C.T.K)This match has been rearranged to 26th Jan
CouragevNorth Somerset A
Fire BirdsvKeynsham & Kingswood
12th Jan 20191st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
2nd Feb 2019North Somerset AvKeynsham & Kingswood
CouragevSartan Club (C.T.K)
Team PhoenixvFire Birds
23rd Feb 2019Sartan Club (C.T.K)vKeynsham & Kingswood
Fire BirdsvNorth Somerset A
Team PhoenixvCourage
23rd Mar 2019North Somerset AvSartan Club (C.T.K)
Keynsham & KingswoodvTeam Phoenix
CouragevFire Birds
20th Apr 2019CouragevKeynsham & Kingswood
Team PhoenixvNorth Somerset A
Fire BirdsvSartan Club (C.T.K)
11th May 2019Sartan Club (C.T.K)vTeam Phoenix
North Somerset AvCourage
Keynsham & KingswoodvFire Birds

Division 4

1st Sept 2018Taunton All Stars28v49Wellies (Highbridge)
Do You Know Who We Are48v33Langport Levellers (Somerton)This match has been rearranged to 8th Sept
North Somerset Dragons45v35Frome Robins
22nd Sept 2018Taunton All Stars31v48Do You Know Who We AreThis match has been rearranged to 6th Oct
Wellies (Highbridge)49v30North Somerset DragonsThis match has been rearranged to 29th Sept
Langport Levellers (Somerton)50v29Frome RobinsThis match has been rearranged to 29th Sept
20th Oct 2018Do You Know Who We Are25v48Wellies (Highbridge)
Frome Robins42v34Taunton All Stars
North Somerset Dragons35v39Langport Levellers (Somerton)
10th Nov 2018Taunton All Stars50v24Langport Levellers (Somerton)
Wellies (Highbridge)48v20Frome Robins
Do You Know Who We Are45v38North Somerset DragonsThis match has been rearranged to 17th Nov
8th Dec 2018Frome RobinsvDo You Know Who We Are
Langport Levellers (Somerton)vWellies (Highbridge)
North Somerset DragonsvTaunton All Stars
12th Jan 20191st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
2nd Feb 2019Wellies (Highbridge)vTaunton All Stars
Langport Levellers (Somerton)vDo You Know Who We Are
Frome RobinsvNorth Somerset Dragons
23rd Feb 2019Do You Know Who We ArevTaunton All Stars
North Somerset DragonsvWellies (Highbridge)
Frome RobinsvLangport Levellers (Somerton)
23rd Mar 2019Wellies (Highbridge)vDo You Know Who We Are
Taunton All StarsvFrome Robins
Langport Levellers (Somerton)vNorth Somerset Dragons
20th Apr 2019Langport Levellers (Somerton)vTaunton All Stars
Frome RobinsvWellies (Highbridge)
North Somerset DragonsvDo You Know Who We AreThis match has been rearranged to 4th May
11th May 2019Do You Know Who We ArevFrome Robins
Wellies (Highbridge)vLangport Levellers (Somerton)
Taunton All StarsvNorth Somerset Dragons

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