The results below are the legs won, these do not include the bonus points
Please Note
Some teams have changed their home playing venue, please check the playing venue page.

Division 1
Week 131-Aug-19West Somerset36v37Wells
Bristol & Bath56v21Odd Down Green Army
Week 221-Sep-19West Somerset40v37Yeovil
Wells43v36Bristol & Bath
Radstock48v36Odd Down Green Army
Week 319-Oct-19Yeovil38v45Wells
Odd Down Green Army33v45West Somerset
Bristol & Bath36v42Radstock
Week 409-Nov-19West Somerset33v47Radstock
Wells48v35Odd Down Green Army
YeovilvBristol & Bath
Week 507-Dec-19Odd Down Green Army39v37Yeovil
Bristol & Bath34v42West Somerset
11-Jan-201st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
Week 601-Feb-20Wells36v47West Somerset
Odd Down Green Army43v45Bristol & Bath
Week 722-Feb-20YeovilvWest Somerset
Bristol & BathvWells
Odd Down Green ArmyvRadstock
Week 821-Mar-20WellsvYeovil
West SomersetvOdd Down Green Army
RadstockvBristol & Bath
Week 918-Apr-20RadstockvWest Somerset
Odd Down Green ArmyvWells
Bristol & BathvYeovil
Week 1009-May-20YeovilvOdd Down Green Army
West SomersetvBristol & Bath
Division 2
Week 131-Aug-19Courage30v47North Somerset A
Chew Valley34v44Wellies
Week 221-Sep-19Courage40v3949ers
North Somerset A44v40Chew Valley
Week 319-Oct-1949ers29v49North Somerset A
Chew Valley44v36W.S.M
Week 409-Nov-19Courage30v56W.S.M
North Somerset A41v42Wellies
49ers44v33Chew Valley
Week 507-Dec-19Wellies43v3849ers
W.S.M44v37North Somerset A
Chew Valley46v35Courage
11-Jan-201st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
Week 601-Feb-20North Somerset A49v31Courage
Wellies42v40Chew Valley
Week 722-Feb-2049ersvCourage
Chew ValleyvNorth Somerset A
Week 821-Mar-20North Somerset Av49ers
W.S.MvChew Valley
Week 918-Apr-20W.S.MvCourage
WelliesvNorth Somerset A
Chew Valleyv49ers
Week 1009-May-2049ersvWellies
North Somerset AvW.S.M
CouragevChew Valley
Division 3
Week 131-Aug-19Crazy Crown Crew43v41Keynsham & Kingswood
Somerton SC24v53Thunder Birds
Team Phoenix0v0Bye
Week 221-Sep-19Crazy Crown Crew46v35Somerton SC
Keynsham & Kingswood41v41Team Phoenix
Thunder Birds0v0Bye
Week 319-Oct-19Somerton SC33v48Keynsham & Kingswood
Bye0v0Crazy Crown Crew
Team Phoenix49v40Thunder Birds
Week 409-Nov-19Crazy Crown Crew36v38Thunder Birds
Keynsham & Kingswood0v0Bye
Somerton SC23v51Team Phoenix
Week 507-Dec-19Bye0v0Somerton SC
Thunder Birds39v42Keynsham & Kingswood
Team Phoenix47v34Crazy Crown Crew
11-Jan-201st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
Week 601-Feb-20Keynsham & Kingswood44v34Crazy Crown Crew
Thunder Birds48v25Somerton SC
Bye0v0Team Phoenix
Week 722-Feb-20Somerton SCvCrazy Crown Crew
Team PhoenixvKeynsham & Kingswood
ByevThunder Birds
Week 821-Mar-20Keynsham & KingswoodvSomerton SC
Crazy Crown CrewvBye
Thunder BirdsvTeam Phoenix
Week 918-Apr-20Thunder BirdsvCrazy Crown Crew
ByevKeynsham & Kingswood
Team PhoenixvSomerton SC
Week 1009-May-20Somerton SCvBye
Keynsham & KingswoodvThunder Birds
Crazy Crown CrewvTeam Phoenix
Division 4
Week 131-Aug-19North Somerset Dragons39v39Warrick Arms
Sandringham (Sartan)44v28Taunton All Stars
Langport Levellers0v0Bye
Week 221-Sep-19North Somerset Dragons32v48Sandringham (Sartan)
Warrick Arms31v40Langport Levellers
Taunton All Stars0v0Bye
Week 319-Oct-19Sandringham (Sartan)43v34Warrick Arms
Bye0v0North Somerset Dragons
Langport Levellers47v36Taunton All Stars
Week 409-Nov-19North Somerset Dragons35v36Taunton All Stars
Warrick Arms0v0Bye
Sandringham (Sartan)41v35Langport Levellers
Week 507-Dec-19Bye0v0Sandringham (Sartan)
Taunton All Stars31v49Warrick Arms
Langport Levellers38v39North Somerset Dragons
11-Jan-201st Round Of Team Knockout (played on a Sat night)
Week 601-Feb-20Warrick Arms34v32North Somerset Dragons
Taunton All Stars35v42Sandringham (Sartan)
Bye0v0Langport Levellers
Week 722-Feb-20Sandringham (Sartan)vNorth Somerset Dragons
Langport LevellersvWarrick Arms
ByevTaunton All Stars
Week 821-Mar-20Warrick ArmsvSandringham (Sartan)
North Somerset DragonsvBye
Taunton All StarsvLangport Levellers
Week 918-Apr-20Taunton All StarsvNorth Somerset Dragons
ByevWarrick Arms
Langport LevellersvSandringham (Sartan)
Week 1009-May-20Sandringham (Sartan)vBye
Warrick ArmsvTaunton All Stars
North Somerset DragonsvLangport Levellers

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